Our core business is the manufacture, supply and erection of shade covers used in the protection of motor vehicles against sun and hail. Our full cantilever shadeports were the first in RSA and have been used from the motor industry to agriculture and the domestic market. Landmark sites include Siemens, Daimler Benz Head office & SAB. All of our shadeports are extremely versatile and can endure any weather condition. We provide shadeports for both commercial, residential and domestic use.

Our unique shadeport design and materials protect you from ultra violet rays, excessive sun and hazardous weather conditions. We offer UV block shadeports and shade cloth which can be designed and fitted to your exact needs. All of our materials are top quality and our workmanship is the best in South Africa. Contact us today for a quotation.

Composition and Manufacture

The structure is covered with a knitted polyethylene net which is sewn together with a double needle machine for maximum strength and stretch. The net is fixed to the frame using a galvanised steel cable or pipe surround. All steelwork is primed and painted with enamel.

Our shadeports require little or no maintenance! In the event of damage from extreme weather conditions or motor cars, nets can be replaced at a low cost.

A-Frame Shadeports

Standard 4 Pole Shadeports

Butterfly Shadeports

Full Cantilever Shadeports

Applications Include

  1. Caravans and Boats.
  2. Schools- Shade Cover For Swimming Pools, Grand Stands and Play Areas.
  3. Domestic- Patio Covers and Awnings.
  4. Nurseries- Plant Protection.
  5. Agriculture- Crops and Animal Covers, windbreaks.


  • A single unit measures 2,5 x 5m
  • A double unit measures 5,0 x 5m
  • A treble unit measures 7,5 x 5m

The most economical way to cover large parking areas is by sharing legs with units side by side and back to back, using treble units where possible.