Patio Covers and Pergola Covers

Patio covers are our speciality. Coolshade manufactures patio covers to meet your specifications, whether in steel, aluminium, wood or canvas. For our retractable patio covers, such as Fold arm patio awnings and retractable pergola screens, we use acrylic materials imported from Europe. These units can be motorised and have wind and rain control devises, which will automatically open and close them.

We manufacture patio covers to specification, from either steel, aluminium or Wood. Canvas is used as a retractable sun control System. All patio covers can fit IBR Galvanised, Polycarbonate or Chromadek sheeting to provide a waterproof option. Adjustable aluminium patio covers allow maximum sunlight penetration when fully opened. Closed, they provide shade from the sun or protection from inclement weather.

The louver design facilitates air cirulation in the closed position.Most of our patio units can be fitted with roll up blinds with windows and we provide a Sunworker range of fabrics. Our Blinds can be mechanized.

Wooden Pergola - Open

Wooden Pergola - Closed

Folding Arm Awning

Aluminium Patio Louvres

Wooden Patio Covers

Wooden pergola retractable patio covers are a very popular option if you want a structure that ties your patio with your garden. The pergola is made from laminated saligna beams and a retractable screen is fitted underneath the beams. To make this a all-weather cover polycarbonate sheeting can be fixed above the pergola. To finish your patio area off , rollup blinds can be fixed for all weather conditions. These units are all made to size. A true asset to your property. Remember the retractable screen can be motorized

Folding Arm Awning

These retractable awnings roll up against the wall, all neat and tidy. The frames are imported and come in various widths and extensions. They can also be motorised.

Aluminium Louvres

Adjustable louvres allow summer and winter settings. The units are custom made to suit your patio requirements. They come with a three tier fascia and complete with internal gutters and down pipes. They require no maintenance.

Our economic patio covers , using a steel structure covered with Chromadek sheeting , maybe adding some poly carbonate sheeting for light, will give a waterproof solution to keep you garden furniture dry and protected from the sun

You have the privilege to choose from a flat roof, gable end, Cantilevered or even a curved roof that can help you create some truly striking roofs for your home.

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