A carport makes a great addition to a home if one needs protection for cars, caravans, and boats etc. At times it even alternates as an entertainment area. Carports are generally available in many different designs. At Coolshade, we provide you with whichever solution that is suitable for you. Here’s a brief guide to help you decide.

Steel Carports


Steel carports are made from cold rolled steel channels.  Steel has become a more preferred choice for use in the manufacture of carports, because of its shelf-life and that it requires very little maintenance. Just painting the frame from time to time


For the roofing for our carports, we either use galvanized, Zinc alum, Colorbond or Chromadek or Poly carbonate sheeting, which come in different profiles and is long lasting. The big difference with steel sheeting vs Aluminium sheeting is the price.


When it comes to design, our steel carports can be made to suit the required size and shape. The units can be adapted to be used on your patio and adding a couple of polycarbonate sheets, light can be filtered through windows into your home.

Flush Frame Deluxe Carport

Barrel Carport

Cantilever Carport

Flush Frame Carport

You have the privilege to choose from a flat roof, gable end, Cantilevered or even a curved roof that can help you create some truly striking roofs for your home.

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