Awnings come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you wish to cover a doorway, window, entrance, patio, your office or just to make you home beautiful. They can offer charm and colour to any building. Not only do they protect you from weather, they block out harmful ultra violet rays that can damage your furniture.

All awnings are custom made and add not only aesthetic value to a home or business, but also offer protection from harmful UV rays which damage fabrics, curtains and / or merchandise. Our awnings can also be used for signage, as well as create additional service areas.

We design and manufacture in many shapes, the most common being wedge canopies, pram awnings, fold arm patio awnings, pergola patio retractable screens, drop arm awnings, roller blinds and patio covers. Coolshade is now proud to offer a full range of aluminium awnings from the standard wedge.

Retractable Awning

Permanent Awnings

Fixed Awnings

Branded Awning

Retractable/Pram Awening

This is the most common and popular type of awning, used on windows and doorways. The frames can be made from wood, steel or aluminium, to suit the décor of your home. All retractable awnings are covered with acrylic fabrics and their main advantage is the fact that they can be used when and if you require protection or not. This would include roll up blinds on your patio

Permanent/Fixed Awning

This range of awnings are extensively used when you require constant protection for windows, doors and patios.  They keep out rain and harmful sun rays. Different coverings are available, acrylic, Rain stop and polycarbonate. Frame work would be the same as for the retractable awnings. These awnings require little or no maintenance and can withstand most weather conditions.

Aluminium Awning

Coolshade supplies a full range of aluminium awnings. These are all fixed awnings and come in a range of shapes and colours. They require no maintenance and are totally rust resistant. A good investment for your home

At Coolshade, our awnings are covered in different fabrics. Acrylic materials from Europe, local PVC’s and come in various shapes and styles.

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